Why is there such a long wait to see a dentist?

All NHS dentists are working with limited resources. This is due to the supply of PPE, enhanced infection control measures and the ventilation times of surgeries. This will affect practices differently, but we are all doing our best.

Why do I have to come back for my treatment?

Because of enhanced infection control each dental visit must be planned in advance. Shorter appointments (e.g. a check-up) do not allow time for us to prepare for treatment and vacate the room afterwards. At your treatment appointment we will carry out as much treatment as we can to decrease the number of appointments needed and make efficient use of our PPE resources.

Why may my treatment time be less than my allocated appointment time?

Your treatment time is only part of the time allocated to you for your appointment. Any remaining time will be used to ensure the surgery is safe and ready for you during your appointment. This involves a ‘fallow’ time to allow aerosols to leave or settle before cleaning.

Why do I have to pay in advance for my treatment?

The NHS regulations state that patients may have to pay the full amount for treatment in advance. This advance payment is a commitment to your treatment and the health of your mouth.

Why is my scale and polish with the hygienist now private?

An NHS hand scale and polish is still available with your dentist as part of your NHS treatment. A deeper clean is available on a private basis with our hygienist. Enhanced infection control procedures mean we are unable to subsidise this being carried out on the NHS.

Why is my dentist less chatty than normal?

When we carry out work that involves aerosols (lots of spray!), the respirator-type masks we must wear make it difficult to chat and discuss treatment. If there is anything that you wish to discuss, please do so at your initial appointment.

Why do I have to continue to wear a face mask, follow social distancing rules and other COVID guidelines?

Unlike the general community, healthcare settings still have to continue to follow strict COVID regulations, including only attending the practice if you have an appointment. This is set by the Scottish Government.

Why might I be deregistered for repeat non-attendance?

Your appointment is currently a valuable resource. Non-attendance prevents someone else from being seen that may have a more urgent need.

Why will I be warned or deregistered for poor behaviour?

Our team come to work to help people and provide a good service. They have the right to feel happy, safe and fulfilled at work. Abusive or antisocial behaviour of any kind, either in person or over the telephone, will not be tolerated.

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If you wish to raise an issue about any aspect of the service that we provide, please contact the Practice using the details above. You can ask to see our complaints policy and our terms of service at any time.

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If you wish to feed back on an aspect of the care that you receive or if you wish to request a copy of our complaints procedure, please call, write or email us in the first instance at:
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