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Our prices

Printed estimates for treatment will always be given but may be subject to change.

Private                        NHS


Check-up/assessment                                                 £40.00                         FREE

An assessment of your mouth and gums                                                                

X-rays                                                                          £11 each                     £4.88 (x2)

Help diagnose any dental problems

Tooth extraction                                                         from £50                     from £7.00



Amalgam filling                                                          from £22                     from £7.56

A standard filling for everyday value

White fillings (front)                                                  from £199                   from £12.96

Our standard tooth-coloured filling                                                           (Special tooth build-up)

White fillings (back)                                                   from £55

Our standard tooth-coloured filling

Crowns                                                                        from £249                   from £73.60

Private options provide alternative materials

Root Canal Treatment                                                            £250                            from £40.92

Endodontic treatment                                                       (molar tooth)

Dentures                                                                     from £250 (partial)     from £153.68 (full)

Replacement teeth

Bridges                                                                        from £200                   from £82.76

Available in various options

Veneers                                                                       from £249                   from £90.32

Fitted perfectly to your teeth


Tooth Whitening

Boutique Tooth Whitening System                            £210

Refils                                                                                                                £30

Enlighten Shade Guarantee whitening system         £500

Refills                                                                                                               £60



Scale and polish                                                          £40.00                         £11.12

Regular cleaning of your teeth

Extensive cleaning                                                      £350                            from £34.44

More intensive cleaning to build up your oral health


Sedation                                                                                                          from £22.20


Mouth Protection

Mouth Guards                                                             from £55

Available in a variety of colours to use during sports


Tooth Straightening

Cfast tooth alignment system            single arch                 £1350

Cfast tooth alignment system double arch                £2500


Anti Wrinkle

Anti-wrinkle treatment (3 facial areas)                     £250